Sunday, April 12, 2009

10:17am update

ice cream cone cupcakes!
(I doubt any taste spotters will want the recipe but
if you want me to, then I'll post it!!)

Update update! I've invested in alot of new hobbies since the last time I wrote..which is probably why I haven't been blogging much. I decided to learn the guitar and I have to admit that I'm not half bad! Probably because I took violin for 8 years of my life. My fingers don't hurt when I play anymore and sometimes I can sing while I play too! Currently working on New Slang by the Shins and Pictures of Success by Rilo Kiley. Vanessa and I have also decided to stick to our gym plan: 2 days a week, no matter what. If either of us bails then we BOTH have to eat 2 double double animal style burgers from in n out. I'm still in pain from our trip last week :[ I have also decided to open a cupcake/cake business called..yumcakes! Haha actually i'm just kidding..SOMEDAY I will..someday!!!!! I made a ALMOST perfect fondant cake for phyllis's 21st birthday and helped make ice cream cone cupcakes for Chris's 21st! On the side of it all..I do my homework and some other non important stuff :]

OH YEAH! It was recently our 2 year anniversary :] I got michael sway bars for his "other girlfriend", his car and he got me an ipod touch!!!! I absolutely love it!! The day after I got it I went to the apple store and bought a shiny white case. I spend all my time downloading applications and playing games :/ I even PAID for some applications...12 dollars for two applications!!! I bring it everywhere..even more so then Kiley (my dslr)! We went to this DELICIOUS japanese bbq place over in Pasadena for our anniversary. It was pricey but every single thing we ordered was perfeecccccctttt and the service was great! the $$$$ was worth it!

btw I miss jessica and mimi.


finsmom said...

Those cupcakes are sooo cute! Ive always wanted to try making them that way :) Makes me feel like a kid again!

Cherie said...

how were you able to keep the ice cream cone intact? mine kept breaking.

please advice me.. you can email me here: